Eco Friendly campus

Walk into the campus and you will feel the nature’s magical touch. Hill Valley is one of the rare schools where you can encounter the gentle feel of the unpolluted landscape.

Besides improving aesthetics, the school campus provides fresh air and an outdoor learning space. The scenery of Hill Valley campus will bring an aura of peace to everyone.

Students of Hill Valley learn to respect nature. They maintain the campus clean. Plastics are discouraged. The entire campus is ever clean and evergreen.

Our solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Hence the Hill Valley campus is an ideal place to combat greenhouse gas emissions and thus plenty of fresh air adds to the richness of nature.

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This is the right destination for the students looking for institutions distinctive from the rest with individual and captivating teaching styles.


To mould each and every pupil into a wholesome personality by focusing on the key elements creativity,collaboration,character and confidence.

To ensure that children acquire that kind of academic excellence which will lead them to the understanding of concepts and principles so that search for knowledge becomes a life-long quest.

To acquire a positive attitude towards life and patterns of behavior required to live in harmony with other individuals and with nature.

vision- inspire and be inspired

To be a premier educational institution offering quality and contemporary education inculcating moral and ethical values to the students to shape them up to be a responsible part of the society.

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