Hill valley At A Glance



Hill Valley is an unaided co-educational, recognized institution run by Educational and Welfare Society, founded in the year 1983 by our Chairperson and Patron Mrs.Lily Varghese,an Educationist and  Philanthropist.In its early days,it was commenced as Hill Valley School and then grew up with addition of middle and Higher Secondary School.It is recognized by the State Board Of Kerala for High School and Higher Secondary classes, CBSE curriculum is followed from KG to Grade 7. The school prepares the students to be themselves and to fully explore all the educational opportunities available to them.

Education at Hill Valley is more of awakening with finest opportunities for students to achieve high standards in their life as a whole. We strongly believe that there should be no limitations to your child’s ambitions. We provide enough freedom to our students to be themselves and to fully explore all the educational opportunities available to them.

 Every Teacher at Hill Valley goes beyond academies and channelizes the energy of the students in a positive manner. Guidance in critical thinking and opener of approach in the learning process makes the classroom experience inspiring and motivating. 

 The striking feature of the school is the teacher student ratio which is 1:6, which makes education at Hill Valley more meaningful as students are given individual attention and personal care.


To mould each and every pupil into a wholesome personality by focusing on the key elements creativity,collaboration,character and confidence.

To ensure that children acquire that kind of academic excellence which will lead them to the understanding of concepts and principles so that search for knowledge becomes a life-long quest.

To acquire a positive attitude towards life and patterns of behavior required to live in harmony with other individuals and with nature.


To be a premier educational institution offering quality and contemporary education inculcating moral and ethical values to the students to shape them up to be a responsible part of the society.

Our Management



Principal's Message

People are impressed by the commitment of the Hill Valley School and staff to the provision of an excellent all-round education for the students. Besides academic achievements, students participate in an extensive range of extracurricular activities.  With a long rewarding history of achievement in education behind us, our school community continues to move forward together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm. 


We believe in a balanced, meaningful and holistic curriculum.  We encourage students to develop 21st century skills- to be creative, independent thinkers, responsible, open minded, decision- makers, enthusiastic, and have a sense of wonder, grow in self-esteem and be empathetic to other living beings. We mould them to be true human beings.

Thus schooling at Hill Valley will be an assurance of quality education. Moreover, here students learn to respect themselves, respect teachers, respect parents and others, respect environment, respect school and have reverence to the God Almighty.

Here in Hill Valley, maximum number of students in a class is 20. If you are looking for a school where your child can get individual attention, then I would recommend you to contact us for admission or plan for a visit to the school.